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My work explores abstraction using the environment as a source of imagery.
With elements from land, sea and sky I create space, light, solidity.
Inspiration comes from the natural world and its atmosphere,
but the life on canvas becomes independent and self-sufficient.

Rough Terrain
Color of Cold
Green Waters 1
Green Waters 2
Green Waters 3
Blue Waters 1
Blue Waters 2
Blue Waters 3
Red Sky

It's a process of recalling emotions and visual impressions of my surroundings, then
making a composition of memory and imagination.
I aim to capture a quality of light and
nuance of feeling
that emerges with underpainting and successive layers of glazes -
creating a sense of infinite space and mutability without place or period.
It evokes the
changeable atmosphere of the essential elements - air, water, earth and fire,
and invites
the viewer to experience something that is timeless and primal, beyond history,
yet intensely personal in the same moment.

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Departures 1
Departures 2
Departures 3
Departures 4
Departures 5
From the East Coast Trail 1From the East Coast Trail 2From the East Coast Trail 3
Pouch Cove 1Pouch Cove 2Pouch Cove 3
Flame Series 1 Flame Series 2 Flame Series 3
Flame Series 4 Reflecting in the Bay Pipe Fire
View From a Mile Away Blowing From the East Vortex 1
Vortex 2 Vortex 3 Vortex 4